24 elements along 260 m route
Mirror, screen-printing ink, chrome-plated steel, concrete

Art-in-Architecture at the Neuhegi schoolhouse, Winterthur
Commissioned by the city of Winterthur, 2018

What color blue is the sky right this moment?
In «going blue», 24 stages of blue lead around the Neuhegi schoolhouse, from pale blue in the east near Rümikerstrasse through royal blue on the playground to midnight blue in Eulachpark. Mirrors set on low concrete columns allow the viewer to compare the blue color in the middle of the mirror to the color of the sky.
«going blue» was inspired by the cyanometer, an instrument developed in 1789 by the Genevan naturalist Horace-Bénédict de Saussure to measure the intensity of the sky’s blue.