Installation view, Ausstellungsraum bautzner69, Dresden 2015


A transfer of imagination between China and Europe

36 slides, 18 A3-size sheets of glass with text, postcard series, collected correspondence in book form
2006 - 2015

The rules of Imagination Transfers are as follows: Someone imagines an image and describes it in words. Someone else is sent the description and translates it into a physical artwork, which is then sent back to the originator of the idea. In May 2006, Bignia Wehrli thus initiated a continuing exchange of imagination between Europe and China. The transfer turned Wehrli herself into an analog gateway between continents, and engineered unlikely encounters between artists and passersby. These encounters played out solely in the imaginations of two people, but at the same time triggered a kind of swapping of real images for imagined ones. 18 imaginations were developed, of which 14 were translated into images. While a series of postcards shows the products of the transfers, the correspondences and traces of travel that have been collected in book form provide insight into the project’s realization, and make the distances and periods of time covered tangible.

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