7 photographs / sunlight on silver gelatin, 30.5 x 40.5 cm,
video 8:12 min, instru­ment: solar pen

For Sonnenzirkel (Töss) I walked along the Töss river from Wila to Winterthur. Along the way, I produced seven photographic records using a typewriter case that I converted into a pinhole camera. Floating down the river, the case simply captured sunlight and recorded its patterns on the photographic paper within. The interplay of solar altitude and the motion of the stream created seven different circular images, for the combination of the case’s horizontal and circular motion on the surface of the water turned the sun into a circle, its angle—which varied in degree according to season and time of day—determining the circle’s radius. The movements of the camera, subject to the current and to sudden fluctuations, were expressed in varying alignments of the circle on the paper, and in marks extending outside of the circle.