Installation im Kunstmuseum Winterthur 2014


_ 10.8.2012 / 13.2 km day walk
_ 18.08.2012 / 11.9 km day walk
_ 13.08.2012 / 14.2 km day walk
_ 07.08.2012 / 10 km day walk
_ 14.08.2012 / 12.1 km day walk
_ 08.08.2012 / 14.8 km day walk

Starlight on color 35 mm negative film / archival pigment print on Hahnemühle paper, 111 x 167 cm

Each year from June to August, my father is busy making hay: he mows the fields, teds the grass, rakes it together, and moves the hay to the barn with a bale trailer. In so doing, he comes into contact with almost every square meter of the land. In the summer of 2012, I recorded seven of his daily paths, from morning to evening, with a GPS device. In the Winter of 2013, using a camera and a specially developed instrument—the star pencil—I traced these paths with the light of a star. Through long exposure, the tracks of the star imprint themselves on the negative.

>>Sternenschrift in der Ausstellung DRITTERÄUME