Video-sound installation; string instrument made from a converted wooden organ pipe with a 1-meter-long bass G string, outfitted with a compass and spirit level; triangulation network of Saxony comprised of hand-drawn photograms, 36 etchings (compass rose score)

The guiding principle of TRIKLANG is the translation of geographical distances into audio frequencies. A homemade string instrument called an “Ohrmeter” (ear meter) is equipped with a 1-m. long bass G string on which geographical distances are transposed into string lengths and thus into audio frequencies. Close distances have a high pitch, long distances have a low pitch.
As the basis for this “acoustical land survey” we used the first order triangulation system created by the German land surveyor Christian August Nagel in 1862. The distances between the 36 measuring points scattered all over the German state of Saxony were proportionally measured on the 1m long string of the “Ohrmeter” and then played – by turning 360 ° degrees around – at each of the original 36 spots within the landscape. Each point reveals a unique melody, which results from the sequence and lengths of the distances to the neighboring points.
In the video-sound-installation the recorded images and soundtracks form a visual and acoustic dialogue (tri-logue). The back and forth of “notes” between the three screen projections lends the connections between the measuring points an audible dimension.

TRIKLANG was realized in collaboration with the composer Peter Andreas.

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